Customer unable to check in?

Desktop Check-In

If you are having difficulty checking a customer in using Desktop Check-In the customer may need to perform some profile maintenance. You will see an error message if the customer needs to verify their email address, accept the terms & conditions, link a payment source, update an existing payment source, or speak to support. After the customer performs any necessary profile maintenance you can attempt to check the customer in again. 

Mobile phone

If customers are having difficulty checking in from a mobile phone, it is possible that the GPS location is inaccurate or disabled. Have the customer verify location services are enabled on the device and that the browser has permission to use the location. The customer can view the GPS location of the mobile device in a maps application. If the location on a map is not accurate hold the device with the screen facing up and move it in a figure eight for several seconds to re-calibrate the device. Once the maps application shows the correct location the check-in page can be refreshed. 

If the customers map shows the correct location or multiple customers have the same issue, it is likely that the GPS location of your store needs to be adjusted. If you suspect the GPS location of your store needs to be adjusted please call at 480-500-1974.

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