How to View a Certificate Of Analysis (COA) on the POS

Certificates of Analysis or COA's are often sent alongside manifests that you intake into your inventory. These documents can contain tons of key data on the products including data on how the cannabis was grown, what pesticides were used, and specific lab results on potency and terpenes. 


Therefore, in order to help you to store and display these documents to your customers, POSaBIT gives you the option to upload PDF documents for specific product lots/packages and display them directly on your POS device.


Once you have uploaded COA's to your product lots/packages within the POSaBIT portal, your uploaded COA's will be directly accessible from the POS. 


Follow the steps below to access the COA PDF from the product menu within the POSaBIT POS:

  1. Enter your 4-digit employee PIN
  2. Either look up the customer's loyalty profile or select "guest" to start building a guest cart
  3. Once on the cart screen, scan in the product or manually look it up using the search bar at the top of the screen.
  4. After you have added the product to the cart, click on the product within the cart to pull up the product details. 
  5. In the product details pop-up, press the green "View COA" button on the lower right side of the pop-up window.
  6. Once selected, another pop-up window will appear containing the PDF file uploaded to this lot/package within the POSaBIT portal.


If you have not uploaded your COA's using the POSaBIT portal, CLICK HERE to learn how to upload and manage COA's using the POSaBIT web portal.

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