Looping Prevention (track daily purchase limits across transactions/locations)

The term 'looping' refers to a customer who comes into your store more than once a day, and tries to exceed their daily purchase limit. 'Loopers' can be difficult to catch - especially if they are coming in during different times of the day, and could even be seen by a different budtender.

When it comes to running your store, monitoring sales and remaining compliant is a top priority. To ensure purchase limits are enforced, POSaBIT's purchase limit alerts will inform the budtender if there is too much product in the cart, and will ultimately block the sale from being completed until some items have been removed from the cart. The 'Looping Prevention' feature will track daily purchase limits across multiple transactions AND locations, preventing the customer from breaking through their daily allotment at the same store they made their initial purchase, or even at a different one of your locations. 


To enable the Looping Prevention setting:

  1. Login to your POSaBIT portal.
  2. Select Settings from the main menu, the General POS Register Settings.
  3. Enable the Looping Prevention flag.
  4. Hit Save.





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