Daily POS Reconciliation Report

The "Daily POS Reconciliation Report" provides an in-depth insight into the settlement status of transactions on a day by day basis. Within the report each day is broken up depending on the settlement status of the transactions for that day. This report is designed in this way for a couple reasons:

  1. By breaking up the sales by day, you are able to easily compare the daily sales on your POS system to the sales processed through POSaBIT.
  2. Due to banks using the standard UTC time for end of day, transactions made on the same day might settle on different days. Click HERE to learn more about how UTC time affects your payouts. This report breaks down the transactions for each day, in order to tell you the exact $ amount that has been settled vs unsettled. 


Based on the status of settlement for transactions, days can show up in slightly different ways, below are some examples of how this report can look depending on the settlement status for that day:


To Access this Report:

  1. Login to your POSaBIT Payments portal at - https://my.posabit.com/login
  2. Select Reporting from the left side menu.
  3. Under Financial Reports select Daily POS Reconciliation Report.
  4. Select a date range, then hit Run.


Completely Settled: 

When all purchases for a certain day have been settled, the report for that day will look similar to the image below. Some key items to point out for a fully settled day include:

  • A "0" under the "Total Unsettled Tran." column
  • The deposit date is present

Note: As noted above, depending on when the sales took place on each day, you might receive multiple deposits spanning over different days. In this case, you will see a summary row at the top, along with the different deposits that make up that summary row below it.

The example below shows data for purchases made on 10/19. Of the purchases made on that date, 28 of them were paid out on 10/20, while the remaining 250 transactions were paid out in the 10/21 deposit.



Completely Unsettled:

If no purchases for a certain day have settled then you will see something similar to the rows show below. You can identify days that have not yet settled by the "Unsettled" label under the column "Deposit Date" (see image below).




Partially Settled/Unsettled:

Sometimes you will notice that you have received a deposit for only a portion of a days transactions. In this situation, you will see a summary row showing how many transactions have been settled vs. unsettled. As well as multiple rows breaking down both the deposit you received and the transactions that have not yet settled (see image below).






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