Discrepancy Summary

The discrepancy report gives an overview of every discrepancy that will affect your payment deposits. A running balance also provides insight into how POSaBIT is tracking different discrepancies to ensure you receive the money you're owed.


To Access this Report:

  1. Login to your POSaBIT Payments portal at - https://my.posabit.com/login
  2. Select Reporting from the left side menu.
  3. Under Financial Reports, select Discrepancy Summary.
  4. Select a date range, then hit Run.


The following discrepancies could potentially show up on this report:

  • Duplicate: If a terminal does not batch out for 10 days, it will automatically get paid out from the processor. However, when the terminal does eventually get batched, the transaction will be paid out again creating a double payout.
  • Recover Duplicate: When a duplicate charge occurs the processor will pull back the funds that got paid out twice. POSaBIT will record this and ensure that the 'duplicate' and 'recover duplicate' zero out.
  • Missing Transaction from POSaBIT: This discrepancy is caused by things like a mini-crash or network issues. This discrepancy indicates that the transaction went through but POSaBIT wasn't able to reliably match it in our system. In this case, POSaBIT will recognize the missing transaction and push it through.
  • Void/Reject: This is caused when voiding transactions
  • Chargeback: This discrepancy occurs when a customer submits a chargeback through their bank


The following columns are included within the discrepancy summary report:

  • Discrepancy Date: The date that the discrepancy occurred
  • Discrepancy Type: The type of discrepancy that occurred (see list above)
  • Deposit Date: The deposit date that the discrepancy affected
  • Amount: The amount of the discrepancy, can be both positive or negative
  • Status: This column will indicate if a duplicate charge has been matched or is still pending
  • Deposit Affected: This shows how much the discrepancy affected the deposit
  • Running Balance: This is a running balance of how far off your deposit are from where they should be, this will always zero out eventually 

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