What Happens When a Hypur Pay Payment is Returned for Insufficient Funds?

On rare occasions, a Hypur Pay transaction may be returned due to insufficient funds. When this occurs, your financial institution notifies us directly and we disable the consumer profile while initiating the re-present process to collect the funds. 

We will continue to re-present the transaction in accordance with NACHA guidelines, and we make every attempt to ensure that the our merchants receive the full payment from the customer. We take several steps to increase the likelihood of completing these transactions, so the specific time frame for a re-present may vary. 

Our merchants do not need to take any action in this case and they can monitor these transactions using the Hypur Pay reporting tools available on the merchant site. Returned transactions will have a Declined or Re-present transaction type depending on the status and where we are in the process. 

Of course merchants are always welcome to contact our support team if they have questions about a specific transaction or need to verify the status of a re-presentment. 

See Hypur Pay Report - Tips for more information about Hypur Pay Reports. 

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