Leaf Logix setup

  1. Login to your Hypur profile. 
  2. Click on Tools and select Hypur Connection.
  3. Click on Setup for Leaf Logix. 
  4. Here are the two options to have your Leaf Logix invoice data on Hypur.
  • Option 1 - This uses Leaf Logix's Pull API and is the preferred method that provides your Invoice data and your Sales Report for easy reconciliation. The Pull API requires the merchant to get the key from Leaf Logix customer support. Then they can enter the key into the new prompts on the connection page.
  • Option 2 - This uses Leaf Logix's Push API and provides only your Invoice data. The Push API utilizes Hypur's key, which the merchant can retrieve by clicking the Generate Token as indicated on the screen. The connection page automatically generates a unique API key. This key is given to Leaf Logix, so they can deliver data to Hypur's system.

Below is an analogy for Option 1 and Option 2

  • Option 1 - Pull API is like a Post Office Box Key. Leaf Logix gives us a key, so we can get data from their system like going to the post office to get the mail.
  • Option 2 - Push API is like giving the delivery guy the code to your garage. This allows Leaf Logix to open Hypur's door and drop the data off.

5. You can contact Leaf Logix at support@leaflogix.com or (800) 771-1984.




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