Completing a Filled Jane Online Order

Note: This is the final step of the integrated Jane online order process:

  • to learn how to accept an online order click HERE
  • to learn how to fill an online order and save it as filled click HERE

Once you have completed filling an online Jane order and saved it as filled, you will be taken back to the Order Pad screen. Below are the final steps to completing an order once the customer arrives to pick it up.

  1. When the customer arrives to pick up their Jane order navigate back to the order pad tab in the POSaBIT POS and locate the filled order in the filled column on the right side of the screen.
  2. Once you have located the order, click the green View Order button. This will take you directly to the filled cart where you can complete the rest of the order as you normally would.
    • As soon as the Jane order is tendered from the POSaBIT POS, this will get communicated back to Jane, where the order will also update to 'Complete' on the Jane system. 

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