How to Reconcile your Batches Using the Batch Summary Report

Batching is a common practice in almost every industry that takes card payments. POSaBIT is no different from these other industries and requires your DTP terminals to be batched out every day in order for you to receive your money within the desired timeframe. This article is a detailed overview of how you can use the batch summary report to audit your end-of-day batches.


Below are several articles detailing how to batch out each payment device that POSaBIT offers:

How to batch out a PAX E800 (POS Terminal)

How to batch out a PAX A920 (Handheld Device)


Steps to reconcile batches with the batch summary report:

  1. Login to the POSaBIT web portal.
  2. Select Reporting from the left side menu.
  3. Under Financial Reports select Batch Summary.
  4. Once on the report page, use the date selector at the top of the screen to select the date of the batch you would like to reconcile.
    • Note: If you're a part of a franchise and have access to multiple venues, you will also need to specify which venue you would like to run the report for using the "Select Account" drop-down at the top of the page.
  5. Finally, press "run" to generate the report.


Once you select 'run' on the report, you will see a table containing all batches that occurred during the time frame you selected. Next, find the batch that you would like to reconcile using the terminal name as well as a batch number column. Once located, you will see some general overview metrics for the batch such as the 'Batch Total' and the 'deposit date' the batch was paid out at. Click the 'Batch Number' to view a more detailed breakdown of all transactions that were included in the batch.


Below are several common uses for this in-depth batch view:

  • First, compare the total amount and total transactions found within the top metrics on the specific batch page to the total amount and total transaction count found on your actual batch report that was printed from the terminal when the batch was performed. This reconciliation method is a great way to match up and compare what you're seeing on the hardware to what POSaBIT is processing in the back end.
  • Second, for venues that batch out terminals at the end of each shift, this report is a great way to locate the exact tips that were collected on a specific terminal for a given time. The total tips can be located at the bottom of the table under the "Tip" column. 
  • Finally, this report can be used to track employee performance. For each transaction within the batch, there is a column that specifies which cashier was used to make the transaction based on their PIN. This is useful when tracking employee performance such as an average ticket, transaction count, and much more. 




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