Sales by Discount Report

The Sales by Discount Report tracks the usage of different discounts, to help you better understand what discounts are being utilized the most.

The table on the left side of the screen provides a break down of each discount including the amount it has been used and the total $ amount it has saved customers. This table is designed to give you a better idea about how discounts are being used in your venue. Additionally, embedded links in the name of each discount help to provide more detailed metrics as well as an additional sales bar graph for each specific discount. 



The diagram on the right side of the screen is used to display what brands are being discounted the most. Additionally, by hovering over each bar on the graph you can see the exact total amount each brand has been discounted. This is especially useful when looking at the effectiveness of brand centered discounts.



To download a full excel report, click the blue Download button located at the top of the screen.



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