Sales by Product Type Report

The Sales by Product report provides you with a sales summary of totals by product type, over any given date range.

At the top of the Sales by Product page, you will find an interactive bar graph, that gives you a visual of sales by day, or week - depending on the date range that is selected. Using the legend to the right of the chart, click on a label to toggle any product type on/off from being displayed on the graph.




Below the chart, is a pie chart and a condensed data table full of sales information, that is broken out by product type. If you'd like to dive deeper into any particular type, click on the name (hyperlink) of the type from the data table to view additional metrics for a specific product type. 



Additional metrics for each product type includes:

  • Number of products 
  • On hand quantity
  • Inventory Cost
  • Top Products
  • Sales by Employee
  • Sales by Brand
  • Sales by age/gender



Click the blue download button at the top of the Sales by Product Type page, to download the report as an excel file.



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