DOH Compliant Products Overview of Changes

DOH Compliant Products Overview of Changes

Earlier this year, the LCB announced changes regarding taxes and DOH-compliant products. The LCB has issued an official communication regarding tax exemption, effective June 6, 2024, as per law. In order to properly provide the excise tax exemption:

  • Retailers must hold a valid medical cannabis endorsement and sell compliant products only to registered patients or designated providers.
  • Sell DOH compliant product that meets the standards in WAC 246-70
  • Sell only to a patient or their designated provider who is properly registered with DOH’s patient database. These customers MUST have a medical profile on the POSaBIT POS.

Below are the changes within POSaBIT that you should be aware of as a medically licensed merchant in Washington:

How to set a Lot as 'DOH Compliant'

Note: This flag will be at the LOT level, not the product level, as it's based on test results and communicated to POSaBIT on a lot-by-lot basis.

There are a few ways to mark product lots as 'DOH Compliant' lots:

1. Mark the 'DOH Compliant' flag within an individual lot

2. Bulk add the 'DOH Compliant' flag to a group of lots that fit this classification

3. Add this flag to lots as you fill out an incoming manifest (automated on lots with this info included in the WCIA manifest import)

  1. Existing lots will display the ‘DOH Compliant’ flag on the lot details page, allowing users to mark old lots accordingly.
    1. From the POS portal, navigate to the Lots page
    2. Select the lot you would like to mark as 'DOH Compliant'
    3. Check the 'DOH Compliant' box within the specific lot and Save

  1. The 'bulk edit' feature on the lots page will simplify the process of simultaneously updating multiple lots. Users can conveniently select whether the selected products are 'DOH Compliant.'
    1. From the POS portal, navigate to the Lots page
    2. Select all lots you would like to add this flag to
    3. Select the orange Edit Checked button on the top right corner and it will pull up a page similar to the image below.
    4. Select the 'Is DOH Compliant?' field and mark as 'Yes'
    5. Save and these lots will now be tracked as DOH compliant products

  1. A new flag for ‘DOH Compliant’ products will be added to the incoming manifest form in the portal. This flag will be automatically populated for new incoming lots with this information via the WCIA manifest import. If this info was not included on the WCIA Manifest import, you can also manually check this flag to mark the lot as a 'DOH Compliant' product
    1. Within an incoming manifest, there is a new flag labeled 'DOH Compliant' that will be checked automatically if this information was included on the WCIA Manifest import, OR you can manually check this box to mark this product as DOH compliant.

Other Changes to Be Aware of

  • A new filter on the lots page will enable users to search for lots that have been marked.

  • CCRS reporting will be updated to pass this information to the LCB

On June 6th, POS registers will be enabled to handle the tax exemptions for medical patients purchasing DOH-compliant products. Sales will NOT reflect tax changes until June 6th for customers with MEDICAL profiles.

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