Creating an Employee Customer Profile

An employee customer profile cannot be created from the POS. If you are trying to create or change the customer type of a profile to employee, this must be done from the POSaBIT web portal.

Some important things to note in regards to employee profiles is that this type of profile does not accrue loyalty points/rewards, since most stores already offer hefty employee discounts. Also, in order to ring up employee samples, the customer profile type must also be Employee for the samples to be added to the cart. 

To Create a New Employee Profile:

  1. Login to the POSaBIT web portal
  2. Select on the Customers tab from the left side menu
  3. Click the New Customer button in the top right corner
  4. Change the customer type to Employee, enter a phone number (required to save profile), and another other information you'd like to save.

Note: It is recommended to always save the employee's ID information so you can easily scan their ID from the POS register to pull up their profile.

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