Creating a New Customer Loyalty Profile

POSaBIT offers custom profiles for each of your loyal customers. With just the scan of the customer's ID, the point of sale pulls up the customer’s favorite types of products, displays their purchase history, shows their available loyalty points/rewards, and even has an area where you can easily make notes about the customer. Now, when a customer asks for recommendations, you will already know which types of products they prefer or you can make a recommendation based on what they purchased last time they were in.

In this section, we’ll go over different types of profiles and the process for adding a new customer.


Types of Profiles

  • Recreational: This type of customer is 21+ and does not need a medical card to make purchases. Only a phone number is required to create a profile.


  • Medical: Medical customers can be 21+, or under 21. To create and save a medical profile, the customer's medical ID card and expiration date must be saved to their customer loyalty profile (medical customers do not have to save a phone number to their profile). If a medical customer is under the age of 18, then they must also have a caregiver present, and the caregiver's information must also be saved to the customer's profile.


  • Employee: An employee customer profile cannot be created from the POS. If you are trying to create or change the customer type of profile to an employee, this must be done from the POSaBIT web portal. Employees also do not accrue loyalty points/rewards, since most stores already offer hefty employee discounts.


Check if the Customer Already Exists

  • Before creating a new customer, you should check to see if the customer already has an existing profile.
  • Search by Phone Number: All recreational customer loyalty profiles require a phone number - use the phone number search field to see if there is an existing profile.

Medical profiles do not require a phone number. If searching for a medical customer, and you can't find them by phone number, click the SEARCH/ADD CUSTOMER button, then enter their medical ID to the customer search to see if they have an existing profile. 

  • Search via ID scan: If the customer has their ID saved to their profile, scanning their ID will pull up their profile. If their ID isn't saved in the system, the new customer profile form will come up.


Creating a New Profile

  1. Enter the employee pin on the POS
  2. Scan the Customer's ID with the barcode scanner. Once the new customer profile comes up, you will notice all of the customer's ID information will automatically be populated in the form from the scan.
  3. Enter the customer's loyalty phone number in the profile.
  4. Add any customer tags (optional, if you have customer tags set up)
  5. Swivel the screen to the customer to have them review the information that will be saved to their profile and have them check the box that states "I agree to save my information to create a customer profile, and join the loyalty program".
    • Note: The POS will not let you save the profile unless the screen is turned and facing the customer.
  6. Click Save to create the new profile.


Creating a New Profile From Customer Queue

Creating a new profile is the exact same when doing so from the customer queue screen. The only difference is how you get to the "Create a Profile" page. From the queue you have two options you can take to add a new profile. First, you can scan the customer's ID, this will automatically pull up the new customer's information on the profile creation screen. Second, you can select the purple "ADD NEW" button at the top right of the screen.




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