Looking Up and Existing Customer Loyalty Profile

There are many ways to look up an existing customer profile from the point of sale. Scanning the customer's ID is always the quickest and most efficient way to locate a profile, but remember that not all customers have their ID information saved to their profile because the phone number is the only information required to create a new profile (medical customers are the only exception, and are only required to save their medical ID/expiration date).


If the customer expresses that they already have a profile, here is how you can find their profile:


  • Search by Phone Number: All recreational customer loyalty profiles require a phone number - use the phone number search field to look up the customer's profile.

  • If you do not locate a profile by the customer's phone number, scan their ID to create a new profile.
  • If the customer does not have a scannable ID document, click the teal Add New Customer or Guest button at the bottom of the screen, then select Add New Customer in the top right corner to navigate to the new profile form.
  • On this “Customer Search” page, you are also able to search existing customers by name.

  • Search via ID scan: As mentioned above, scanning the customer's ID is the quickest way to find their profile. If the customer has an existing profile with their ID attached to it, scanning their ID will bring you directly to the cart screen with their profile displayed.

    If the customer's ID is not saved to a profile, the screen will navigate to the new customer profile form to allow you to create a new profile. If you get to the new customer profile form and the customer decides they do not want to create a new profile after all, you can select the teal GUEST button in the top right corner to check out the customer as a guest.


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