Ringing up Employee Samples on the POS

  1. All employee samples must be rung up on the point of sale because it needs to be reported to the state's traceability system. In order to do this, you must create the employee a customer profile. Customer profiles can be created from the POS, however, the profile type can only be set to employee from the POSaBIT web portal by someone who has access to it. 

    Products that are samples will not be searchable if the profile type is recreational or medical - this is to prevent samples from accidentally being sold to a customer.
  2. After you create an employee profile, look up the employee from the point of sale and you will be able to search and add employee samples to the cart. 


Where to go to Review Employee Sales

  1. From the POSaBIT portal, go to the Customers tab dropdown and select the Customers option.
  2. Filter the Customer Type to Employee.
  3. Select the employee you'd like to review the sales for.
  4. Select the Sales button below the customer likes.


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