How do I handle documents that have been declined?

If your financial institution has declined a file you uploaded:

  1. Select My Business from the navigation menu and then select Business Documents.
  2. Review the Comments column for the name of the file that was declined and the reason it was declined. 
  3. Click on Actions for the document request you would like to fulfill.
  4. Click on the Upload button to select a file to replace the file that has been declined by your financial institution. A green bar will display the upload progress. Click on the red X to remove a file that has been uploaded by mistake.
  5. Click the Submit button to submit the replacement file to your financial institution. 

NOTICE: All document requests conveyed through the Hypur network, including the approval or non-approval of documents are at the full control and discretion of your financial institution. Failure to comply with your financial institution’s requests and covenants may result in an item being returned or the account being suspended/closed. Hypur is a technology provider to your financial institution and has no authority or control over account status, document requests, or their approval. Please contact your financial institution regarding account requirements or questions on documentation


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