Theft & Robbery FAQ's

If you've been a victim of robbery or theft, you might be wondering about the proper protocols for handling stolen goods while ensuring compliance. We understand the challenges that theft poses to dispensaries, and we've endeavored to simplify your experience amidst the chaos. While each state has its own requirements for reporting stolen goods in the context of the state tracking system, we've crafted this comprehensive article to address frequently asked questions that arise after encountering a robbery.



Who Do I Have to Notify of Theft or Robbery?

A dispensary must notify the relevant state cannabis board (state regulatory authority) as well as local law enforcement of criminal activity, loss, or theft within 24 hours of identifying such an incident. It’s important to note that failure to notify may result in sanctions, fines, or both.


How Do You Notify Your State Cannabis Agency?

Most states have a Reporting Form on the cannabis board website that can be submitted directly to them. If you can’t find it on the website, you can e-mail or call your relevant cannabis agency to find out what form you should fill out.


How Do I Modify My Inventory?

Licensees should make the appropriate package adjustments in their inventory tracking system. You’ll need to account for any lost/stolen marijuana product, as electronic and physical inventories must match. When making the adjustments, you should use “theft” as the reason code and include the date of the incident and, if possible, the police report number. If an entire package has been lost/stolen, the package should be “finished out” in the inventory tracking system after adjusting it down to 0.



How Do I Request Additional Hardware?

If any hardware was included in the robbery or theft, it is important to immediately notify POSaBIT of such theft, and include as much documentation as possible (e.g., internal incident report, police report, etc.). We will work with you to immediately send out additional hardware.



Record Retention

Any documentation that you submit to your relevant cannabis board should be maintained for at least five (5) years after the date of documentation.




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