I have a shared checking account, can we share a POSaBIT Pay profile?

Each POSaBIT Pay profile is limited to one user. You can both make individual POSaBIT Pay profiles and use the same personal checking account as your respective payment sources.


When a checking account is linked with an existing profile, and a new profile attempts to link the same account, the one with the existing profile will receive an SMS message letting them know that their bank account is being linked by another consumer.

"Someone is trying to link your Bank Account to a new profile. If you did not authorize this, please call POSaBIT's Customer Success at (855) 767-2248."


The consumer attempting to link the same account will receive an error:

"We are unable to link this account at this time, please contact POSaBIT Customer Support at (855) 767-2248


To authorize this link both parties will need to call Customer Success at (855) 767-2248

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