Optimizing POSaBIT's Reorder Tools

POSaBIT's portal offers a ton of useful tools to help you manage your inventory. One of these tools is the inventory reorder report. Optimizing your reorder report keeps you more informed about the inventory status of your store. Learn more about what exactly is contained in the reorder report HERE

In order to fully utilize your reorder report, we recommend setting up your email notifications in the settings. Under the settings drop-down at the top of the screen locate "Inventory Settings". These settings can help you stay notified and organized when managing your inventory.

Below are the different settings found in the Inventory settings:

  • Email Alerts: Here you can designate certain emails that will receive updates in regards to lot destruction and low inventory alerts. Low inventory alerts are sent out when a certain product inventory gets below its indicated threshold. Learn how to set a threshold while adding a product HERE
  • Reorder Frequency: Here you can designate how often you would like to receive re-order notification emails 
  • Auto Select lot/package when there is only one available: When enabled this will automatically select the lot/package of products that are selected from the product menu if that product only has one lot/package in inventory.
  • Allow Inventory to be added to the cart from the Product Menu: This setting will enable a drop-down lot/package selector within the product menu when adding a product to the cart. This enables the budtender to easily associate a lot/package with the product they are adding to the cart without having to manually scan each product after it was initially added from the product menu.
  • Prevent Scans if Room is Not Visible: When enabled this flag will block products from being added to the cart if that product is currently within a room that is hidden from the POS.
  • Auto Close Depleted Packages: This setting is a key feature in keeping your reorder report organized. By enabling this feature, any time a product runs out of quantity in stock it will automatically be marked as in-active. Use this to prevent long lists of 0 quantity items in your reorder report.
  • Inventory Strictness: By enabling this feature, it disables packages/lots from being sold into a negative quantity amount
  • Share Product Details: For merchants that are a part of a multi-store franchise, this flag will enable shared product details across all venues. Not only does this save time when accepting new manifests but helps to keep naming consistency across all venues!




In addition to setting up email notifications under Inventory Settings, we also recommend setting a reorder threshold for each product. This threshold acts as an early warning sign to let you know when products are getting low. Therefore, once the quantity of a product becomes equal to or below the reorder threshold, you will receive an email informing you of the low inventory.

Learn how to set a reorder threshold below:

  1. Login to the POSaBIT web portal
  2. Select Product Details under the Inventory drop-down located at the top of the screen
  3. Either select the blue New Product button in the top right to create a new product or the green Edit button on an existing product
  4. Scroll down until you have located the text input field labeled Threshold
  5. Enter in the correct threshold amount that you wish to set for this product
  6. Press the blue Save button found at the bottom of the page




For additional assistance please reach out to POSaBIT support @ 1 (855) POSaBIT OR SUPPORT@POSaBIT.COM

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