Hypur Pay (beta)

The Hypur Pay (beta) report displays a breakdown of all the transactions within a specified time frame.

Note: Not all employees will be able to view this report; Administrators (Owner) and Managers will have permissions to access it.


Payment Type Breakdown:

The Payment Type chart will display the percentage of each transaction type through out the month. Expand the chart by clicking on the transaction type you would like to view.



The Trend graph will display the trajectory of transactions through out a specified time. It can be for the month or monthly within the last year, depending on the filter.



Filters will allow you to filter the months that is available as well as filter the transaction types. transaction status and the business name.



Click the icon on your dashboard to customize your dashboard’s appearance through the PDF Report Settings page. You can then download your dashboard locally as a PDF.

 Click Save to save the PDF layout for next time.

Click Download to download the dashboard as a PDF file.


Hypur Pay Detail:

The Hypur Pay Detail report displays each transaction within the specified time frame. Each column can be sorted as Ascending or Descending.



Totals display the amount of completed and pending Transaction Value and how many transactions involved.




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