Accepting a Bulk Package Tag with a Unit Based Product (Metrc)

Some Metrc stores sell pre-packaged flower products.  When POSaBIT pulls in manifest information for a new delivery, Metrc always sends the full weight of the package.

POSaBIT has streamlined this process when receiving a manifest.  If you select a unit based product when receiving the full package weight, the item will be saved in the POS system as a unit based product. For instance, if you have a manifest item with 70 grams (bulk) and what you really received was 20 3.5g units of flower, you'd choose the 3.5g unit based item from your product library.

When the sale gets reported to Metrc, the weight will be reported to metrc in the weight in which the original package was entered as in Metrc. For example, if the supplier delivers a package where the unit of measure is in 'pounds', then the product weight will be converted to pounds, and reported to metrc in pounds. 


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