Disallow Loyalty Point Accrual when Spending Points

Enable the 'Skip Rewarded Sales' setting to restrict the customer from earning points when a reward is applied to an order.

Similar to when you earn and use air miles towards a flight, you don't earn additional miles when you're using your reward miles!

You can apply a similar scenario using a loyalty program in the retail environment. If the store offers 10 points per visit, and then also has a 10% off reward that costs 10 points, then you may not want a customer to be able to accrue and redeem points simultaneously. Otherwise, the customer would be able to use the 10% off every time they come in - potentially costing the store more in marketing dollars in the long run.


To enable the 'Skip Rewarded Sales' setting:

  1. Click Settings from the main navigation menu.
  2. Select General POS Register Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Cart Settings section, and enable the flag labeled Skip Rewarded Sales.
  4. Hit Save.




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