Accepting a New Weedmaps Online Order

POSaBIT and Weedmaps online ordering system are fully integrated, allowing Weedmaps orders to flow directly into the point of sale. With online order notifications pinned in the top left corner of every screen of the POS, you'll never miss or forget to fulfill an order again!

Once a customer places their online order through your Weedmaps menu, the order will appear on the POSaBIT POS to be accepted!


New online orders are represented with the orange notification in the top left corner of the POS. Orders that are in the process of being filled are teal, and orders awaiting pickup are purple - along with the count of how many are in each stage of the ordering process.


Once the budtender navigates to the order pad on the POSaBIT POS, they will be able to view various details for the order, such as:

  • Order type, minutes since the order was placed & source (i.e. Pickup | Weedmaps)
  • Customer name
  • Customer phone number (required)
  • Pickup/delivery time (this is chosen by the customer from the Weedmaps menu)
  • Pickup/delivery instructions (this is an optional field, entered by the customer from the Weedmaps menu)
  • Product Information (click the green + icon to expand details)

Here is the Process for Fulfilling a Typical Weedmaps Order on the POSaBIT POS:

  1. Enter the employee pin on the POS
  2. Click on the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner 
    • Alternatively, you can press the orange notification at the top of the page to go directly to the order pad
  3. Select the Online Pad tab
  4. If there is a new order, review the order and click Accept once you are ready to fill the order. If you need to cancel the order, click the red trash can icon. Once the Accept button has been clicked, the customer will automatically receive a text from Weedmaps, letting them know their order has been received.
    • Additionally, you can click the purple receipt icon to print the order details and gather the product for the customer
  5. Once you Accept an order, a cart will automatically be generated with the ordered items queued up in the cart. If the phone number entered online matches an existing loyalty account then the system will associate that order with the customer, otherwise, the system will create a guest cart.
  6. To learn the next step in completing an online Weedmaps order from the POSaBIT POS, click HERE.

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