Saving Store Orders and Returning Later

POSaBIT's store ordering allows budtenders to easily save and revisit orders without losing any progress. Maybe a customer forgot their wallet or needs to run to the ATM, this allows you to help other customers in the meantime and easily return to the previous order. 


Learn how to fully utilize store orders in the steps below:   

  1. Start an order like you normally would any other by entering your employee PIN and either scanning the customer's ID OR creating a 'guest' cart
  2. Build out the cart exactly how you would during a normal order.
  3. To save the order select the orange Save Order button located in the top right of the screen.
  4. You will now see a pop-up containing several options on how the order should be saved. For a saved order make sure to select "In-Store" from the Order Type Drop-down.
    • Order Type Drop-down: This drop-down allows you to select if you want to save this order as a Pickup or Store order. For more information on the differences between order types CLICK HERE
    • Curbside Flag: This flag will specifically mark an order as curbside. This can be utilized to differentiate between store orders made at a drive-up window versus in your venue. 
      • Note: This flag will only be displayed if "Curbside orders" are enabled on the Order Settings page within the POSaBIT portal.
    • Notes: The notes filed is a freeform text box allowing you to save helpful notes related to each specific order
  5. After you have selected "In-Store" as the order type as well as added any relevant notes, select one of the buttons at the bottom to save the order to the order pad:
    • MARK CART AS NEW: Pressing this button will save the order back to the New column on the order pad. This can be used if you accidentally opened an order and don't want to move it to paused/filled yet.
    • SAVE AS PAUSED CART: Pausing a cart will move this order to the middle Processing column on the order pad screen. This means that the customer has not finished building their cart and will most likely want to add more products.
    • SAVE AS FILLED CART: Marking a cart as filled will place this order in the far right column on the order pad screen. This means that the customer has selected all products they wish to purchase and everything has been added to the cart.
  1. Once the customer returns and is ready to complete the order navigate to the Order Pad using the hamburger menu located in the top left-hand corner of the screen. 
  2. Locate the desired order within the column (new, processing, filled) that it was saved to.
    • If you don't see the order, ensure that "In-Store" is selected from the order type filter at the top of the order pad.
  3. You can now press Resume Order or View Order to reopen the cart and continue checking out the customer like you normally would.

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