How to Run a Credit Transaction

POSaBIT is able to process credit through a fully compliant crypto solution. This process allows customers to easily purchase a set amount of cryptocurrency then seamlessly use it to purchase products.

This article lays out step-by-step instructions on how to run an average credit transaction.

  1. Gather purchase total from your POS: Ring up products on your POS - the total should Include taxes.
  2. Start the transaction on the POSaBIT device: Click the green button on the app home page
  3. Enter 4 digit employee PIN number
  4. Scan or Override ID: Scan the customers ID or click the OVERRIDE ID button to enter manually
  5. Enter purchase total: This is the final total from the POS & the price includes tax!
  6. Select Credit: The customer has the choice to pay with debit or credit
  7. Accept Warning: Once Credit is clicked a pop up will appear containing a warning. This warning describes the possibility that the customer could be charged with an additional cash advanced fee. This fee is completely dependent on the bank and account type the customer is using
  8. 2-Factor authentication: For credit POSaBIT requires a one time verification using a phone number or email
  9. Customer accepts convenience fee: With POSaBIT the customer is charged a flat fee
  10. Customer enters tip amount!
  11. Customer accepts statement notice: The customer clicks next saying that they understand that the displayed name that will show up on their bank statement
  12. Customer swiped card, enters CVV, & billing zip code: The zip code must be the zip that is tied to the customer's credit card. In this step the customer is being charged for the purchase of cryptocurrency.
  13. Wallet Funded - Click green next to spend crypto currency: The budtender takes the device back to finish completing the purchase. The customer can now choose to spend that cryptocurrency in store for product or keep the loaded crypto wallet.
  14. Click the QR code: Clicking the qr code immediately takes that cryptocurrency and uses it to purchase the products.
  15. Click done on the app & tender out the sale on your POS


Attached below is a PDF containing the screen flow for an entire credit transaction:

POSaBIT Payments - Credit

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