Inventory Value History Report

The Inventory Value History report tracks the total costs vs. retail price of products sold, so you can better monitor your profits.

The diagram at the top of the page displays the total costs and retail price for products per day. This diagram can be used to monitor how much your venue is spending on products as well as the retail price you are charging for them. Additionally, when hovering over parts of the graph, you can see the exact values for each specific day.



Below this diagram is a table breaking down each days cost and retail price for both cannabis products and non-cannabis products. This table provides an in depth look at the cost of the products your venue is selling as well as the retail price you are charging. 



If you'd like to drill down on any given date, and view inventory by type, then click on the date in the first column. Once clicked, you'll navigate to a page that shows you the inventory value broken down by each product type. 



To download a full report, click the blue Download button located at the top of the page.



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