Inventory Rooms Overview

Inventory 'Rooms' is a useful feature that helps you manage the location of inventory, as well as the visibility of sellable inventory on the POS.  For any given lot/package, you can assign it to a room that is either 'visible to POS', or not.


For example:

Lets say a store has 4 Display cases spread around the store as well as a massive storage area in the back room. With rooms you will be able to build out a different "Room" for each display case as well as one for the back room. Then, once these rooms are created you can associate different Lots/Packages to each room. This allows for easy visibility on where your products are located as well as allowing you to customize what products should be sold first.


Where are rooms utilized in the POSaBIT system:

  1. Accepting an incoming manifest 
    • While accepting an incoming manifest you specify exactly which room you want this lot/package to live in. 
    • The most common use case when intaking a manifest, is to assign the lot/package to a room that is NOT visible to the POS. This allows the store to accept new inventory into the system without the items being visible to the POS, so that budtenders do not have the option to sell it on the sales floor until it has been moved to a room that is 'visible' to the POS.
  2. Filtering on the lots/packages page
    • Rooms can be used to easily filter between different products on the lots/packages page. 
  3. Filtering Inventory Reports
    • Rooms can be applied as a filter on several different inventory report pages such as inventory values and inventory value by age.
  4. Searching for Products on the cart screen (POS)
    • When searching for products by name or barcode on the cart screen of the POS, the budtender will see which room each product is associated with in the search results. This can help budtenders quickly locate exactly where to find the product if they are unsure where the product is being displayed.

How to create/edit rooms?

  1. Login to the POSaBIT web portal
  2. Navigate to Rooms found under the Inventory drop down on the top of the screen
  3. Choose whether you wish to edit an existing room or create a new one
    • To edit an existing room press the green Edit button for the associated room name
    • To create a new room, press the blue New Room button in the top right hand corner  
  4. You will now see a box pop up on the right side of the screen. Here you can name the room, give the room an identifying color, as well as add a description. Additionally, there are several settings that affect how products within the room are displayed/configured, there settings include:
    •  "Visible to POS": This checkbox is used to designate if the products in the room should be sellable on the POS.
    • "Visible to Online Menus (Ecommerce)": This checkbox is used to designate if the products in the room should be sellable on the POS.
    • Default: This checkbox will designate this selected room as the default option when accepting new manifests. Keep in mind only one room can be set as the default at any given time.
  5. After setting all desired settings for the room, press the blue Save button in the bottom left of the edit box.


How to link lots/packages to an existing room:

You are able to link lots/packages to an existing room in several different ways. Below describes the different methods you can use to link a lot/package to a room.

  1. When accepting an incoming manifest: When accepting an incoming manifest the system will ask you to choose a room for the accepted lot/package. To learn more about how to accept a manifest and link a room click one of the following links
  2. Using the bulk edit feature on the lots/packages page: The bulk edit feature on the lots/packages page allows you to easily filter products and bulk link them to a specific room. To learn more about bulk editing on the lots/packages page click HERE

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