Inventory Settings Overview

POSaBIT's portal is a powerful and useful tool that is built to help you monitor and control everything that is taking place in your store. Inventory settings help set exactly how inventory is handled at your venue as well as what pricing structure should be used. Below is a quick overview of what's found within the inventory settings.


Follow these steps below to locate your venue's online order settings:

  1. Login to the POSaBIT web portal
  2. Select "Inventory Settings" found under the settings drop-down located at the top of the screen


Online Order Settings

  1. Inventory: Learn more HERE
    • Email Alerts: Designate emails you wish to receive inventory updates
    • Reorder Frequency: How often you receive re-order emails
    • Velocity Range: How far back the velocity is calculated with
    • Auto Close Depleted Packages: Automatically disable products that don't have a quantity in stock
    • Inventory Strictness: Disables packages/lots from being sold into negative quantity amounts
  2. Pricing Options
    • Discount Limit: The max discount percentage customers can receive
    • Enable Tier Pricing: Learn about tiered pricing HERE
    • No Discount Stacking: Blocks the ability to add multiple discounts to a single product
    • No Reward Stacking: Blocks the ability to add multiple rewards to a single products
    • Exact Weight Dialog: Allows user to type the exact weight for bulk items, if not enables user will pick from a preset list.


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