Flourish Inventory Transfers Integration Overview (Oregon BETA)

Flourish provides a variety of software solutions for the entire cannabis supply chain - including cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and retail solutions.

POSaBIT and Flourish's Inventory Transfers integration leverages existing product data housed in Flourish, and pulls it into your POSaBIT point-of-sale portal to help streamline manifest acceptance between systems.

Please note this integration is specific to inventory transfers made between your Flourish and POSaBIT platforms, so incoming inventory from other sources outside of your facility will not have item details attached.

How it Works

  1. Retailers will first accept an incoming manifest in Metrc. Once accepted in Metrc, the manifest can be 'synced' as an Incoming Manifest from the POSaBIT Portal.
  2. Upon syncing an Incoming Manifest from POSaBIT, item level details, cost, and test results from Flourish is pulled into the manifest in POSaBIT.
  3. Each package tag within your incoming manifest in POSaBIT will come attached with it's Flourish item details, allowing the retail facility to skip the step of having to attach packages to a product at the time of acceptance in POSaBIT.
  4. If a brand new product is transferred into the retail store from a your facility, the item will automatically get created in POSaBIT.

Setting up the Integration

Enabling this integration just takes a few steps! Learn more here.

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