Auto Select Lot/Package Setting

With the 'auto select lot/package..' setting enabled, you can add product(s) from the product menu that has inventory assigned to it - as long as the product only has one active and open lot/package.


By default, the product menu is designed to allow the user to easily take a customer's order and create a pick-list of products they want to purchase. Pick lists are generally used for stores that use more of a 'fulfillment' workflow where one budtender take's the customer's order, then sends the order to another area of the store to be filled.


The 'auto select' setting is most commonly used for more traditional workflows where the same budtender takes the customer's order and then fills the order - validating the inventory for each item via barcode scan or manually selecting each lot/package. When the 'auto select' setting is on, and the product is added from the product menu, the product will automatically be added to the cart and highlighted green (meaning inventory has been validated) only if there is only one active lot open. If there are multiple open inventory lots/packages, the user will still have to validate the inventory in the cart by scanning or selecting the appropriate lot/package.




To enable the 'auto select lot/package...' setting:

  1. Click Settings from the main navigation menu
  2. Select General Settings
  3. Select Inventory Settings from the sidebar, and enable the flag labeled - Auto select lot/package when there is only one available
  4. Hit Save

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