Product Pick Lists & Fulfilling Orders

What is a Product Pick List?

A pick list is simply a list of products that are added to a cart, without inventory tied to any of the products. Similar to an online order, the pick list tells the store which products the customer ordered, so it can be associated with the appropriate inventory and bagged up. Pick lists are most often leveraged by stores that use a fulfillment workflow, where the customer's order is taken on the sales floor, and then sent to a secondary device for the order to be filled.


Creating a Product Pick List

Navigate to the Product Menu to search and add products to the customer's cart. Once a product is selected or scanned from the product menu, the 'Add' pop-up will appear so that you can add one or multiple items to the cart.




Saving & Fulfilling Orders

Once the budtender takes the customer's order and builds out their pick list, the order needs to be saved as a 'NEW' order. Saving the order allows it to be opened back up from any other register in the store.



Before an order can be tendered out, the order must be filled and every product in the cart must be associated with inventory. If any given product has not been associated with the item in the cart, then it will be greyed out. Once the product has been assigned to a lot/package number, then it will be highlighted green in the cart. 






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