Product Menu Use Cases & Best Practices

The POSaBIT Product Menu is a multifaceted tool, that lends a helping hand in many different use cases. The menu displays all active products that the store carries and highlights both in-stock and out-of-stock products to help keep budtenders informed on the inventory status of the store's products, at any given time.


Some examples of how the product menu may be used include, but are not limited to:

  • Browsing the menu to view product information 
  • Viewing product quantities
  • Price checks
  • Fulfillment workflows vs the Pocket POS
    • Create a pick list of products
    • Save & send new carts to fulfillment
  • Call-in orders 


Navigating to the Product Menu

The product menu is conveniently accessed from different areas throughout the POS, making it simple to build out new carts, or search and add products to a saved cart.

Let's walk through the different areas the menu can be opened, and what the ideal use cases are for each:

  1. Customer Cart: At the top of the cart page, there is a button called 'Product Menu'. In the scenario where you already have a customer's loyalty profile pulled up, simply click this button to browse the menu, and use the advanced search filters if you need help finding a specific product.
  2. Lock Screen: In the case where a customer calls in to place an order over the phone, or a customer has a quick product-related question, the product menu can quickly be opened from the POS lock screen, without entering an employee pin. This allows virtually any employee (with or without an employee pin) to view the menu so that they can easily answer questions pertaining to product details (test results, product description, etc.) and product availability (in-stock, low, out-of-stock).
  3. Hamburger Menu: If you find yourself in a different area of the POS  that does not have a button to take you directly to the menu, such as the order pad tab, then hit the hamburger menu in the top left corner of the device, and select the Product Menu tab. 


Viewing Products

By default, the menu is organized by Product Family and can be narrowed down to a list of products using the advanced search filters next to the search bar. Products can also be scanned, which is useful for pulling up product information on a particular product, or to even adding it to a cart. If you prefer to view a list of products, select the 'VIEW' button to change from the card display to a list view.







Adding Products to the Cart

Once a product is selected or scanned, the Product Details pop-up will appear and give you the option to add the product to the cart. Because the user is selecting PRODUCTS and not a specific lot/package, multiple items can be added to the cart by adjusting the quantity +/- buttons.







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