Product Tag QR Codes & Search-ability from the POS

The Product Tags feature is a widely used tool in the portal, that can be used to group products together, and then the tag can be referenced when creating discounts, rewards, setting up inventory menu feeds, and analyzing sales reports.


Because product tag names are customizable, they can be used to group products by location (drawer number, last product bin, clearance case), type of product (high CBD, uplifting, relaxing), product quality (top shelf, premium, discount), to identify other unique product attributes (pesticide-free, vegan, budtender favorite), and MUCH more! After you learn how to create tags, and apply them to the appropriate products, tags can be searched manually or via QR code scan at the POS to help you quickly find certain tagged items.


View & Download Product Tag QR Codes

A unique QR code is autogenerated for each product tag. The code for each individual tag can be downloaded as a PDF containing the tag label or an image with just the QR code by pressing "Edit" on the individual tag. Additionally, all tags on the page you are viewing can be downloaded on PDF using the "Print QR Codes" button on the index page. Once the tag has been created in the portal, scanning this code from the POS will filter the product menu and cart down to only show products that are associated with the tag. This means that you can add and remove products from any given tag, without ever having to regenerate the QR code. 




Scanning Product Tag QR Codes from the POS


If scanning the product tag QR code from the product menu on the POS, every active product linked to the tag will appear in the search results. If an active product is 'out-of-stock' it will still appear in the list, but you will see that the price bubble is red - indicating inventory has been depleted for that product.




When scanning the QR code from the main customer profile and cart screen, the results returned will be at the 'lot/package' level. This means that if you have more than one lot/package active for any given active product, then you will see multiple line items. 



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