Searching for a Product from the POS

Product information can be found in a handful of different places throughout the point of sale register and how you pull up information depends on what you need it for. The product search on the home screen of the POS is most helpful to find general product information, while the product search from the cart screen is mainly used to locate a specific product lot/package to add it to the cart when ringing up a sale.

Product Search via the Employee Pin Screen

Often, customers will call to ask various questions about products, such as: "Do you carry x product", "How much does x product cost?", "Do you have that product in stock", and so on. To make it super easy and fast to answer some of those questions on the spot, for any employee, there is a product search available from the main employee screen that does not require the employee to enter their pin number. That means, even an employee that does not have a pin to access the register can view the product search in order to answer those questions. Just simply click on the teal button labeled Product Menu in the top right of the screen to open the product search page.


Product information on this page provides the user with high-level information about the overall product (i.e. price, product type, product brand, etc.). 




The list of products will default to showing the user all products, and there are various filters that can be altered to narrow down search results! In addition to manually applying filters, you can also scan a product tag QR code that is generated from the POSaBIT web portal. This QR code will allow you to instantly apply a product tag filter without having to spend time manually adding it. To learn more about product tag QR codes CLICK HERE




To view even more detail for any given product, select it to pull up a description and see exactly how many units are in stock.




Searching for Products from the Cart

When ringing up a customer from the cart screen, it is imperative to be able to quickly find products if you are unable to use the barcode. Use the product search to find products by name, barcode, lot number, or product tag. The search bar filter defaults to "All" products, but the store may elect to turn on a search setting that defaults the search filter to barcode number - make note of what the filter is set to so you search for the appropriate attribute. Additionally, similar to the product menu, you can scan a product tag's QR code from the cart screen to instantly filter down to a list of products that contain that specific product tag.


Learn how to set your Product Search settings so they default to barcode number HERE.


The search results will return every active lot that the store has on hand for any given product and will display the product name, barcode, units on hand, price, and room the product is in.

To view product detail from the cart screen. First, add the product to the cart, and then click on it to view details. 



For additional assistance please reach out to POSaBIT support @ 1 (855) POSaBIT OR SUPPORT@POSaBIT.COM

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