Product Tag Uses

Product tags can be used to effectively label and sort your products throughout the POSaBIT system. Below we will walk through the different areas where you will find product tags being used.

1) Discounts

When building/editing discounts that apply to items you have the option to use product tags as a condition. An example of this would be if you wanted to create a discount that only applies to flower. Learn how to edit discounts more HERE


2) Menu Feeds

Another great place you can utilize the product tags is on your menu feed. When building your menu feed you have the option to select a product filter for each category. An example of this would be if you want a category for Sativa flower on your online menu. In this case, you can set the "product tag" filter to flower and the "flower types" to Sativa. Learn how to edit menu feeds more HERE


3) Loyalty Rewards

Additionally, you can use product tags in the POSaBIT portal is setting up rewards. When you create a new item reward or editing an old one, you can adjust the product tag condition for this reward. This condition will limit the products available to only the ones that fit within the selected product tag. An example would be if you wanted to offer an extra 10% off any items that are marked as clearance. Once the "product tag" clearance is set, this reward will only be available for products that have that specific tag. To learn more about setting up rewards click HERE



4) Product Menu / Checkout Cart

Finally, you can use product tags to filter products on your product menu. To apply a product tag filter while on the product menu either select the product tag from the "filters menu" or scan the product tag's QR code using your POS's scanner. When filtering on a product tag, only products that have that specific tag will be displayed. Depending on how your venue's product tags are built, this can allow for easy filtering on products that are a part of a specific group or sale. For example, if a customer is looking for cheaper products, simply apply the clearance tag to find any products on clearance!



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