Bulk Editing Multiple Products

Bulk editing allows the customization of similar products without having to edit each individually. This means less time messing around with inventory and more time managing. Bulk editing takes advantage of simple check box selection. Once on the "Product Definitions" page under "Inventory", use the filters on the left hand side of the screen to quickly find exactly what you want to bulk edit. Then similar to what you would see in your email, just select which products you would like to edit and click the orange "Edit Checked" button in the top right. 

The following product attributes can be bulk updated:

  • Sharing Options: If shared product details are enabled for franchises you will have the option to designate the selected products as shared. Learn how to enable shared product details HERE
  • Brand
  • Strain
  • Flower Type
  • Description
  • Product Tags
    • Add Tags: this option will add the tag(s) you select, to which ever products you have checked.
    • Delete Tags: this option will remove the tag(s) you select, to which ever products you have checked.
    • Replace Tags: this option will override the existing tag(s) you have on the products you have checked, and replace them with whichever tag(s) you choose from the bulk edit page.

Once you have defined the criteria you'd like to bulk update, click 'Save' to update the attributes on the products you checked. Please note, this can take a few minutes to update if you are updating a large list of products.


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