Split Tenders - Paying with Cash and Card

If a customer would like to pay for a portion of their purchase with cash and pay the remaining amount with their card, then you would perform a split tender. 

POSaBIT always recommends running the customer's card first, to ensure payment is successful with their card, and then enter in the cash amount last.

To Ring in a Split Tender:

  • Add product(s)to the cart
  • Click the Charge button
  • Enter the Debit amount that the customer wants to pay then select the Debit button
  • Run through the rest of the debit transaction as normal
  • You will see the debit amount added to the applied payment method, The remaining balance will now appear instead of the total purchase amount.
  • To complete the rest of the purchase with cash click the Cash button to the remaining amount as cash into the applied payment methods
  • Once the total is at zero, press the Tender button
  • If everything looks correct in the final order overview, press Done to finish the transaction





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