Understanding Offline Mode

Offline mode is a great tool that the POSaBIT system offers. If your internet goes down, you can keep processing transactions, and the point of sale will automatically sync up those sales once the system comes back online! With POSaBIT you never have to miss a potential sale. In the top right corner of the app, you'll notice the internet status icon that indicates how strong the internet connection is. There are three different states the app can be in: Green= Good Connection Yellow= Poor Connection Red= No Connection 


  • Cash Only: When the POS is offline, cash payments can be accepted. Because debit transactions require the internet to process the transaction, it will be temporarily disabled until the system comes back online. 
  • Existing Customers & Guests: You can still serve an existing customer or guest customers - brand new profiles cannot be created when offline. If a new customer comes in, simply check them out as a guest customer.
  • Product Returns: Returns cannot be done in offline mode - an internet connection is required to process the return.
  • Online Ordering: Online ordering will also be disabled, however, if you have an internet connection on your cell phone, online orders are also accessible from the POSaBIT web portal. Log in with your phone, click the Sales tab, then select Online Orders to monitor orders if the POS registers go offline at the store.

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