Understanding Portal User Roles & Permissions

There are four different types of user roles to chose from when setting up users for the payments portal - Staff, Finance User, Location Admin, & Franchise Admin. Please note, these roles only have significance for what the user will have access to in the back end portal - what is accessible on the actual front end app is the same for all users. 

  • Staff: Staff users only have access to the live ticker feed on the home dashboard, as well as the ability to view reports that have been completed under that user login. Do not get this confused with cashier pins. User logins are used to log into the app, so any transactions done under that login is what will appear in reports if those same user credentials have staff permissions and is used to login to the POSaBIT web portal.
  • Finance User: Finance Users can view transaction data completed by all users and has access to all location specific reporting. However, this user type does not have access to edit any of the account settings.
  • Location Admin: Location Admin is the most common user access level used. Users with this role can view transactions completed by all users. This role is also able to see the live ticker feed on the dashboard, as well as daily and lifetime performance metrics.
  • Franchise Admin: Franchise admins have the same access levels as locations admins, but they also have access to additional multi-venue reports. This role is used mainly for accountants that need access to daily sales summary reports and gives the user the ability to run sales reports for all stores from one report.

When creating a new user, you will be prompted to select a role. Here are some best practices to take into consideration when determining how to set up users:

  • Who Needs a Login: The most common reason an employee needs a user login is to be able to access reports in the portal for reconciliation purposes. Generally, budtenders are just set up with Cashier pins and do not need a user login to access reports.
  • What Access Level is needed: Depending on what the employee will be using their account for will determine their access level. If a user is only using the portal to view reports then they should be setup as a "Finance User" as it will block them from making any changes to the account settings. However, if a user needs access to make changes to the account settings then either a "Location Admin" or "Franchise Admin" is recommended.


For additional assistance please reach out to POSaBIT support @ 1 (855) POSaBIT OR SUPPORT@POSaBIT.COM





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