CCRS - How to Sign Up for CCRS

The below article outlines each step you need to take in order to sign up for CCRS as well as assigning POSaBIT as a verified integrator for your account. 



  1. Create a SAW (Secure Access Washington) account.
  2. Login to CCRS & Select POSaBIT as a third party integrator.

Note: You will be able to use an existing SAW account as long as it is the admin email address for your venue. When you receive the welcome email from the LCB it will outline which email address is set as the admin for your account.


Create a SAW (Secure Access Washington) account:

  1. Navigate to the SAW main webpage,
  2. From the SAW webpage, press the green "Sign Up" button found on the right hand side of the screen.
  3. Next, you will be asked to enter certain information including name, email, username, and password.
  4. Once all information has been entered press the green "Create my account" button at the bottom of the form to create your new SAW account.
  5. Finally after creating your account, you will receive an activation email to the email address you entered on the sign up form. Click the link found within the activation email to activate your account and head to the CCRS portal login page.


Login to CCRS & Select POSaBIT as a third party integrator: (Admin only)

  1. Navigate to the CCRS portal login page,
  2. Enter your SAW username and password that you created in the steps above.
  3. Once logged in, select "Licensee" from the Account drop down at the top of the page
  4. You should now see all of your retail marijuana licenses associated with the admin user login that you're using. Press the blue "Edit" button on the license that you would like to add POSaBIT as a 3rd party integrator to.
  5. On the "Edit License" page, select the blue "Manage Integrators" button located beneath the "Approved Integrators" section.
  6. Next, locate and select POSaBIT from the list of approved integrators.
  7. Finally, press the blue "Update" button to save POSaBIT as an approved integrator for your account. Upon returning to your "Edit License" page, you should now see POSaBIT listed within the "Approved Integrators" section.



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