Adding a Customer to the Queue from the POS

POSaBIT's customer queue feature helps your store easily manage customer check-in. Set up a check-in station to sign customers in at the front counter, or check customers in directly from the register - it's totally up to you! Customers added to the queue will automatically get added to the bottom of the list, but can be arranged however you'd like by holding down the arrows on the left side of the customer line item, and then dragging and dropping them to a different position in line.

The queue will also display information to help prioritize customers such as:

  • Wait time: Customer wait times update automatically by the minute. 
  • Notes: Adding a note to a customer in the queue is a great way for the front counter to send a communication to the cashier who helps out the customer. Notes can also be used to flag customers who are there to pick up an online order. 
  • Customer: This is the name or customer phone number. It is recommended to always save a name for the customer when adding a new customer or guest so you can identify them easier once they've been added to the queue. If the customer's name is not saved to their profile, then their phone number will be listed. If you'd like to edit the customer's profile to add a name, click on the orange edit icon (next to the customer's name) to update their profile.
  • Type: Knowing which type of customer is in your waiting room can help you decide who to send back next. For example, if you have a medical patient waiting and the rest of the customers are recreational, you may want to serve the medical patient next. 
  • Joined Date: Knowing how long a customer has been a customer with the store can also help when deciding how to prioritize customers in the queue. 
  • Tags: Customer tags are displayed from the queue and are another way to help differentiate customers when trying to figure out priority. 


Adding an Existing Customer

To add an existing customer to the queue, simply scan the customer's ID from the queue screen, or manually search for the customer by name, phone number, medical ID, or license number. Click the green Add To Queue button once the customer's record has been located.



Adding a New Customer

If you are trying to add a new customer to the queue, scan the customer's ID to pull up the new customer profile form, or select the green Add New Customer button to the right of the search bar. Fill out the new customer fields, then click Save.

Remember: it is helpful to save the customer's name to their profile so it is easier to identify the customer from the list once they've been added to the queue. 



Adding a Guest

To add a guest to the queue, select the teal Add Guest Customer button from the Customer Queue page. Enter the guest's name (and notes if you wish). Guest information is not stored, and guests are always recreational customers. If a customer is a medical patient, they must create a profile with their medical ID since it is required to process the sale.



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