General POS Register Settings Overview

POSaBIT's portal is a powerful and useful tool that is built to help you monitor and control everything that is taking place in your store. In order to take full advantage of everything POSaBIT's portal has to offer, we recommend customizing your General POS Register Settings to exactly how you want your portal to operate. These settings allow you to customize tons of features such as payment settings, manager authorizations, customer settings, cart settings, and more. Below is a quick overview of everything found within the General POS Register settings.

Follow the steps below to locate your venue's General POS Register Settings: 

  1. Login to the POSaBIT web portal.
  2. Select General POS Register Settings found under the settings drop-down located at the top of the screen.


  1. Till & Payment Settings
    • Payment Types: Select which payment solutions you accept in your store
      • Cash
      • Credit Card - CBD Merchants Only
      • POSaBIT Pay
      • Credit Card (Tokenized) - CBD Merchants Only
      • Debit Card
      • Employee Badge
      • Gift Card
      • Coupon
      • Cashback
      • Donation
      • Other
      • Other 2
    • Allow Voids: When enabled, transactions can be voided.
  2. Manager Authorizations
    • Require Manager PIN to Open Drawer: When enabled, a manager PIN must be entered to open the registers drawer. 
    • Require Manager PIN to Approve Refund: When enabled, a manager PIN must be entered to approve a refund. 
    • Require Manager PIN to Void a Sale: When enabled, a manager PIN must be entered to void a sale.
    • Require Manager PIN to Edit Filled Orders: When enabled, a manager PIN must be entered to edit filled orders.
    • Till Report Printable by Manager Only: When enabled, a manager PIN must be logged into the POS to print the till report.
    • Require Manager PIN to Override Sales Restrictions: When enabled, a manager PIN must be entered to approve a sale that is over the legal purchase limit, or for items that are being sold under cost. 
  3. Customers
    • Customer Queue Enabled:  POSaBIT's customer queue feature helps your store easily manage customer check-in. Set up a check-in station to sign customers in at the front counter, or check customers in directly from the register - it's totally up to you! 
    • Allow Expired IDs: This is a setting to allow the POS to allow customer's with an expired ID, to still check out at the POS. This was a setting that was added to the system during the peak of Covid, when some stores were allowed to accept expired IDs. 
    • Looping Prevention:  When enabled, this tracks the customer's limit across multiple transactions and locations (if multi-location). This means that if a customer shops at a store in the morning, then comes back in the evening, the POS will take the earlier purchase into account when showing where the customer is at with their remaining purchase limit . If they have exceeded their purchase limit for the day, month, etc., then they will be blocked from making a purchase. 
    • Last Customer Note Popup: Enabling will pop up the last note made for each existing customer upon opening a customer's cart.
    • Require Customer ID Document: Requires a scan of the driver's license 
    • Require Age Check for All Customers: When enabled, budtenders will be prompted to enter in customer's DOB (date of birth) at the beginning of a transaction, immediately after the budtender logs into the POS via employee pin or QR code.
    • Block Underage Customers: When enabled, all customers and loyalty profiles must be 21 or older. When disabled, loyalty profiles can be made for customers age 18+ if the medical patient information is saved as part of the loyalty profile. Guest profiles must always be 21 or older, regardless of how this feature is clicked.
    • Require Age Check for Guests: When enabled, all guests (non-loyalty members) must enter a birthdate before being able to add a guest to the customer queue, and/or before opening up a guest cart.
    • Require Customer Name for Guests: When enabled, guest customers' names must be entered into the POS.
    • POS Full Customer Management: When enabled, all employees are able to remove customer profiles at the POS. When disabled, customer profiles can only be removed from the backend POS portal. 
    • Search Merchant Customers (Multi-Venue): When enabled, users can search for customers who have shopped at other venues (store locations) from the POS. This means that if you are an organization that has multiple stores, and a customer shops at store A, then visits store B, the cashier will be able to find the customers profile when searching for it at store B, because they made a past purchase at store A. 
  4. Cart Settings
    • Skip Rewarded Sales: Skip loyalty program point accrual on sales including rewards.
    • Require PIN verification for notes (Full POS): Requires a PIN in order to add a customer note on the full POS
    • Require PIN verification for notes (Pocket POS): Requires a PIN in order to add a customer note on the pocket POS

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