Adding Notes and Adjusting Waiting Order on Queue

A customer queue is a powerful way to help maintain an organized line when your store becomes busy. Click on this link to learn how to add a customer to the queue, Adding a Customer to the Queue from the POSHowever, once you have added a customer to the queue, you have some more options to help organize your queue even more efficiently. Below will explain how to add notes directly from the customer queue, mark orders as a pickup, and adjust the order customers are called from the queue.


Adding Notes directly into the queue:

Notes provide a great way to help communication between employees and make sure the customer receives the best customer care. In order to add notes just follow a couple of short steps:

  1. Once a customer has been added to the queue, their name will display in the virtual wait room(queue).
  2. To add a note simply click on the teal note icon 
  3. In the pop-up window, you have the ability to add a note, as well as check a box if they are picking up an online order.
  4. Select Add Note once the note has been written to add it to the order. 
  5. Additionally, if the order is for pick up, the icon under "Online Order?" will become a green checkmark.




Adjusting Customer Queue Order:

The ability to change the order of the queue allows for the adjustment of customers within the queue. Whether you want to prioritize an online pickup order or an important customer, using the arrows on the left simply drag and drop customers within the queue to adjust their place in line.



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