Configuring Tip Settings for the POSaBIT Payments App

To configure or change tip settings for an account:

  1. Login to the POSaBIT Payments Portal
  2. Select "Account" then "Settings" on the left hand menu


  3. Adjust any tip settings as needed:
    • Disable Tips: This setting will turn off all tips for your venue
    • Tip Mode: Here you can select if you wish to use standard tips, smart tips, or smart tips with no change
      • Standard tips: Standard tips are the most common and well known method for tipping. Depending on the calculation type set below, the customers will either have an option to pick a preset dollar amount or a preset percentage that you have chosen. Warning when using the debit solution this tipping option may require more change to be given to the customer
      • Smart Tips: Smart tips are an easy solution to help limit the amount of change that is being given to a customer when using our point of banking debit solution. Smart tips will take the value generated by the preset tipping options and round that amount to the nearest whole dollar. Warning, because point of banking needs to round to the nearest $10, some whole dollars may still need to be given back to the customer.
      • Smart Tips (no change) is an easy way to completely eliminate the need to return any cash when using the point of banking debit solution. This tipping option will round up the preset tip options to the nearest number that is divisible by 10. The additional money that is charged is then given to the budtender as a part of their tip.
    • Smart Tip Rounding: (only applies when "Smart Tips" are selected) Use this setting to determine if you want the smart tip feature to round the total to the nearest whole dollar, to the nearest increment of $5, or to the nearest increment of $10.
    • Calculation Type: Here you are able to select if you want the customer to be picking a dollar amount or percentage when selecting their tip
    • Tip Options (1-3): Depending on what is selected for the calculation type you can either select what percentages or dollar amount each tip option should display

  4. Once you have set your desired tipping settings press the blue "Submit" button at the bottom to save

*Note: It is recommended to always contact POSaBIT before changing tip settings to ensure they are correctly configured.

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