Applying Discounts from the POS

There are two types of discounts that can be applied to the cart from the point of sale - item and order-level discounts. Both types of discounts can be configured in a handful of ways with various product, time, and customer conditions that are available when setting up the discount. There are also options for setting up custom discounts where any $ or % amount can be applied to an item or cart. Additionally, discounts can be set up to require manager approval using their pin code. 


Item & Order Level Discounts

An item discount may be auto-applied to a specific product once it is added to the cart, depending on which product conditions are tied to the discount, or it can be manually applied. To manually apply an item discount, click on the item after it has been added to the cart, then select the Item Discount button - only discounts that are applicable will be displayed. 


An order level discount can also be automatically set to apply to a cart, depending on the time of day, or customer type. Alternatively, it can always be manually applied. To apply an order discount to the entire cart, click on the green discount button at the bottom of the cart, then select the appropriate discount from the list of applicable options. 


If you need to remove an item discount or order discount, click on the item and deselect it from the discount list, then click Done.


Custom Discounts 

Custom discounts can be applied by $ or % at the POS. If the store has custom discounts enabled, click on the Custom Discount option from the list of discounts, select % or $, enter the amount, then click Apply.



Manager Restricted Discounts

Any discount can be set up to require manager approval to apply the discount. If an item or order discount is applied that requires a manager to review it, a pop-up will appear on the screen, prompting a manager to enter their employee pin number. Once their pin is entered, the POS will allow the discount to be applied.


For additional assistance please reach out to POSaBIT support @ 1 (855) POSaBIT OR SUPPORT@POSaBIT.COM


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