POSaBIT 2.0 - The Basics

This article will give a budtender or other employee a 5-minute quick overview to familiarize users with the newly designed POS. POSaBIT 2.0 - The Basics will quickly run through;

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Opening a Till

  1. Enter your employee Pin
  2. Enter the amount in the till
    • To record till by amount denominations, select Record Opening Till Amount Denominations.
  3. Select Open Till to finish opening the till.


Closing a Till

  1. Select the hamburger menu, and click the Manage Till tab
  2. Click the green Close Till button
  3. Add notes if needed, then enter in the Left in Drawer and Cash Drop values.
  4. After you enter in Left in Drawer and Cash Drop amounts, you will see one of these three till statuses displayed:
    - Over: If your till is Over, then there is more cash in the till than expected.
    - Under: If your till is Under, then there is less cash in the till than expected.
    - Perfect Match: If your till is Perfect, then there is the exact amount of cash in your till as what is expected.
  5. Click "Submit Closed Till". Till should pop open, and the shift report will print.



How to complete a transaction

  1. Enter employee pin.
  2. If the customer has a profile, search for their phone number or ID number. You can also select Search/Add New Customer to open a new or existing profile or choose Guest to open a guest cart. 
  3. After the cart is opened, add all products the customer is purchasing.
  4. Select the green Charge button and select payment type.
  5. Complete transaction.

Article: Ringing up a Guest Customer



Adding a discount

Applying an Item Discount

  1. Once the item is added to the cart, select the item you'd like to apply a discount to.
  2. From the item, select Item Discount.
  3. Select the discount you'd like to apply to the item, and click Done.
  4. Complete the order.

Applying an Order Discount

  1. Once all products are added to the order, select the teal Discount button on the bottom left side of the cart.
  2. Select the discount you'd like to apply to the order.
  3. Click Done to apply the discount.
  4. Complete the order.



Applying Loyalty Points

  1. Once the loyalty members cart is open and all products have been added, select the Gift Icon on the right side menu. You can also select the arrow on the top of the right-side menu to see all the tabs with the name of the options. 
    • Note: A small red bell will appear next to the gift icon if the customer has a redeemable reward.
  2. Select the reward the customer would like to redeem by clicking Redeem. This will auto-apply the reward or discount to the cart.
  3. Complete the Transaction as you normally would.


Returning an Item from the POS 

Looking up the Order

When it comes to completing the actual return at the point of sale, a past order can be looked up one of two ways - from the customer's profile or from the Sales History tab.

If the customer has an existing loyalty profile and the product was purchased recently, look up the customer's profile, find the product from the customer's purchase history, then click on the "Order Details" button next to the listed product.


Alternatively, past orders can always be looked up from the Sales History tab, located in the hamburger menu. If the customer has their receipt, scan the barcode at the bottom of their receipt to easily pull up the exact order.


Returning the Product

Once you've located the order from the customer's purchase history or the sales history tab, you should expect to see a popup window with a copy of the receipt, and all of the products listed.

To Complete the Return:

  1. Select the product(s) that need to be returned, then click the Return button
  2. On the next screen, you'll be prompted to select a return reason - choose a reason.
  3. Click on the drop-down next to the product and indicate whether it is sellable or unsellable.
  4. Select the Return button to finalize the return
  5. The next screen will tell you how much cash to return to the customer.


Voiding a Transaction

  1. Perform sales using the POSaBIT POS
  2. The customer notices a mistake on the receipt and would like to re-run the purchase (for example if a budtender forgot to apply a discount)
  3. First, enter your employee PIN, ensure that you are using the same terminal that made the original purchase
    • NOTE: Voids can only be performed on the terminal that was used to run the original transaction
  4. Select the hamburger menu in the top left-hand corner and press "Sales History"
    • Note: You can also void a sale by locating the customer's account, going to recent orders, selecting the order to void, and continue voiding from there.
  5. On the sales history page, locate and select the transaction that you would like to void
  6. You will now see a pop-up with an overview of the purchased products, press the "Select All" box to select all products for the void
    • NOTE: Voids can only be run with all products, therefore, ensure to select each product individually or the "Select All" option for the void button to be enabled
  7. Press the teal "Void" button to initiate the void process
  8. If a manager pin is required, enter the appropriate manager pin.
  9. Next, you will be prompted to select a reason for the void, if none of the pre-build reasons apply, press the "Custom Reason" to enter your own reason
  10. After entering your reason for the void, press "Yes - Void"
  11. Finally, you will see a pop-up labeled "Void Confirmation", depending if cash or debit was used for the initial purchase will determine what options are available on this confirmation pop-up
    • For cash transactions, you should always return cash to the customer while on the "Void Confirmation" pop-up



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