How to Apply a "Buy X Get Y" Discount on the POS

Discounts are an effective way to immediately increase sales while also attracting new customers to your venue. However, the type of discount plays a vital role in the effectiveness of each promotion. Although traditional discounts can be effective, "Buy X Get Y" or BOGO discounts have been an extremely popular and effective method for promoting your products. Whether you are trying to get rid of a slow-moving product or looking for an increase in sales, "Buy X Get Y" discounts are an effective way to attract more customers. 


NOTE: If multiple products fit the criteria for the reward or "Y" product then the discount will be applied to the cheapest product that fills the get conditions


Below are the required steps to apply a "Buy X Get Y" discount on the point of sale:

  1. Create a "Buy X Get Y" discount using POSaBIT's web portal. To learn more on how to create a "Buy X Get Y" discount click HERE.
  2. On the POSaBIT point of sale system, start a transaction by entering your 4-digit employee PIN
  3. Locate the customer's loyalty account by using an account lookup / ID scan or if the customer does not have a loyalty account open a guest cart
  4. Next, add the desired products to the cart that fulfill both the buy and get conditions of the discount. Note: The order in which the products are added to the cart does NOT matter
  5. Depending on if the discount is set to auto-apply or not, you may now have to apply the discount manually. "Buy X Get Y" discounts are all applied at the 'Order' level, therefore, press the green "Discount" button found at the bottom of the screen to manually apply the discount. If you have auto-apply turned on, then as soon as both the buy / get conditions are filled the discount will automatically appear in the cart. Note: all "Buy X Get Y" discounts will appear on the get product in the cart as well as in the order discounts section found next to the subtotal amount.
  6. Finally, once you have confirmed that the discount was applied successfully, press the green Charge button to complete the transaction.


Below is a video walkthrough for applying a "Buy X Get Y" Discount:

Note: Once you have finished adding products to the cart and ensuring all discounts are applied correctly, press "Charge" and select a payment method to complete the transaction!



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