Merchant Level Discounts Overview

Discounts are important in building a great experience for your customers. To bring a greater experience to you when creating discounts, we have created merchant-level discounts to save time and make it easier for you to give a great experience to your customers across all your locations. Merchant-level discounts are very similar to making a normal discount, with just a few minor differences. 

Below, steps 2 & 3 are the only added steps for creating a normal discount. There is also the ability to exclude specific locations, which is included in the steps of building the discount.

Notice: This goes live on October 4th


NOTE: Depending on what the 'Applies To' method is selecting will adjust what fields will be present when building the reward




How to Create a New Merchant Discount on POSaBIT:

  1. Log into the POSaBIT POS Portal.
  2. Go to the Merchant section of the portal (top right corner dropdown --> Merchant
  3. Select Discounts from the Marketing dropdown menu at the top of the page.
    Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 12.07.48 PM.png
  4. Press the blue "New Discount" button in the top right-hand corner.
    Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 12.08.28 PM.png
  5. Set up the discount:

    Discount Details
    • Name: Give the discount a name. 
    • Applies to: Item, Order, or Convenience fee - 
      • Item: Discount applies to a specific item or items
      • Order: Discount applies to the entire order
      • Convenience fee: Discount applies to the customer's debit or credit convenience fee
      • Buy x Get y: Discount is only granted if the customer is also purchasing another product specified in the conditions 
      • Order Rounding: Auto-rounds all orders down to the nearest dollar (this affects all orders)
    • Type: dollar, percentage, or fixed price -
      • Dollar: Set a fixed dollar amount off whatever the discount is applied to
      • Percentage: A percentage off the price of whatever the discount is applied to
      • Fixed Price: Creates a fixed price for products this is applied to, find out more HERE
    • Starts at: Set a start date for the discount.
    • Expires at: Set an expiration date for the reward if you wish!
    • Rounding: Set if you want the smart tip feature to round in the venue's favor, customer's favor, or to the nearest dollar.
    • Max Redeem Times: Number of times the discount can be used per customer.
    • Amount: $ or % amount that will apply to an item or the order.
    • Is Private?: This field should only be enabled when setting up an offer (customer-specific discount) that works with an external loyalty program
    • Auto Apply: Set this feature if you want the discount to automatically apply to orders that fit all criteria set when creating the discount.
    • Requires Manager Approval: Check this box to require manager approval before applying the discount.
    • Applies to Only One Item in Cart: This will only allow the discount to be applied to one item per cart.
    • Excluded Venues: Select any venues you would not like this discount to apply to.

    Sharing Options & Order Conditions
    • Background Image: Upload a supported background image by selecting choose file.
    • Order Source: Using the drop down select if you want this discount to apply to walk-ins, online pickups, online delivery, or any source.
    • Days: Set up days if you only want a discount to be redeemed on certain days.
    • Starts/Ends: Start/end times can be used if a discount can only be redeemed during certain hours of the day.

    Customer Conditions
    • Customer Type: Discounts can be set to only be redeemed by recreational, medical, or employee customers.
    • Profile Type: This will enable the discount for loyalty members only, or non-members only, or you can do any customer type.
    • Customer Tags: If the store utilizes customer tags, discounts can be only applicable for certain tagged customers.
    • Applicable on Birthday: If this flag is checked, the discount will only appear on the customer's profile if it is their birthday.
    • Applicable on First Sale: If this flag is checked, the customer will only be able to use this discount on their first sale using their loyalty profile

    Product Conditions
    Note: If building a 'Buy X Get Y' discount, product conditions will turn into two separate conditions "Buy Product Conditions" & "Get Product Conditions". For more information on 'Buy X Get Y' discounts, click HERE
    • Minimum Quantity: This is the minimum number of units the customer can purchase, in order to receive the discount.
    • Min$: Minimum amount spent to get the discount.
    • Min Weight: This condition limits the discount to a weight minimum. For example: Get 10% off 1g sativa.
    • Tags: Many stores already use tags for discounts - why not set up a discount for special tagged items that are being featured or are on sale!
    • Products: Use this condition to set up a discount for a specific product.
    • Product Types: The product type condition will enable a reward to be applicable to an entire product type, and pairs well with other product conditions if you'd like to set up a discount for an entire product type and brand, for example.
    • Product Brands: Discounts can be redeemable only for a certain brand.
    • Product Strains: This condition allows a discount to be set up for an entire type of strain.
    • Suppliers: Often a supplier will carry multiple brands! This is a great condition to use to feature an entire vendor.

5. Click Save. (15).gif




Learn how to transition from venue discounts into Merchant-Level Discounts by clicking on this link HERE.



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