How to Disable Discount Stacking

POSaBIT strives to make our system as customizable as possible, giving you the freedom to manage every aspect of your business. Discount stacking is a perfect example of a way you can customize how your business is run. 

What is Discount/Reward Stacking?

Discount and Reward stacking are settings that allow you to customize how discounts and rewards are applied to orders. By default POSaBIT allows multiple discounts/rewards to be applied to each item found in the customer's cart. However, these can be disabled by selecting the "No Discount Stacking" or "No Reward Stacking" checkboxes found under 'Inventory Settings'.


For example: Let's say you are running a Friday Flower deal that gives customers 10% off any flower purchased. In addition, you offer several order-level discounts for "Gold Tier" customers. By default, a customer will be able to receive a 10% item discount on the flower, as well as any additional order level discounts they may be eligible for. However, if discount / reward stacking is disabled using the checkboxes in 'Inventroy Settings', the customer can only apply one discount / reward per item in their cart. This means if an order discount is applied then the customer is unable to receive an additional item discount and vice versa.


Difference Between 'No Discount Stacking' and 'No Reward Stacking'

  • No Discount Stacking:
    • Checking the "No Discount Stacking" disables the budtender from being able to apply an item discount and an order discount to the same cart. 
  • No Reward Stacking: 
    • Checking the "No Reward Stacking" disables the budtender from being able to apply a discount and reward to the same item in a cart. This also affects order-based rewards/discounts because they apply to every item in the cart. 


Below are the steps to enable/disable discount / reward stacking:

  1. Login to the POSaBIT web portal
  2. Navigate to Inventory Settings under the Settings drop-down on the top of the page
  3. Scroll down until you find the sub-section labeled "Pricing Options"
  4. Under "Pricing Options" you will find two checkboxes, one labeled "No Discount Stacking" and one labeled "No Reward Stacking". Toggle these settings on and off depending on how you want discounts and rewards to be applied. When toggled on it will block the user from applying more than one discount / reward to each item in an order.
  5. Finally, press the blue Save button found in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.


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